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This site is for sharing ideas on building momentum within organizations.

The one certainty in this digital age is CHANGE! If an organization takes advantage of change, it can build momentum which will accelerate growth and increase value. The most exciting times for me have been helping to develop startup companies. Some of these ventures have produced great financial returns.

The most personally fulfilling times for me have been when I have helped others experience personal growth and success. This is one reason that I have enjoyed not only developing technology solutions to help businesses and organizations, but I have also loved teaching and being an active participant in solving problems.

After many years of participating in these activities I have chosen to create this site and share some of my experiences. This is a change for me since I prefer intimate groups and settings. However, I feel that it is time to reach out and risk “getting it wrong.”

In my downtime I love puzzles of all shapes and sizes. This includes not only the usual picture with interlocking cardboard pieces, but also logic puzzles and business puzzles. I also enjoy playing games.

PS. “moh” is my initials (Merrill O. Hansen)